Mike Stasiuk, The Man Behind the Mudd Butts Magic

Mike Stasiuk shows how he pushes the envelope of paper mache to create magnificent props for the Mudd Butts Mystery Theatre Troupe..

Telluride's Mudd Butts on stage

Telluride's Mudd Butts Mystery Theatre Troupe finishing its run of "Fears of Your Life" based on the book by Michael Bernard Loggins.

Telluride Mudd Butts: Mike Stasiuk, props and puppets

Telluride's Mudd Butts Mystery Theatre Troupe presents "Fears of Your Life" by Michael Bernard Loggins. A Mudd Butts production would not be the same without Mike Stasiuk's props and puppets.

Michael Bernard Loggins in Conversation with E. Francis Kohler, CE2 Studio Manager

One-minute video of Creativity Explored artist Michael Bernard Loggins at work.

Gossip Lady with Clever Michael Stasiuk

Gossip Lady takes you on an alternate universe with Portsmouth artist Michael Stasiuk.

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