Michael Stasiuk 

I am an animator of objects. I work figuratively giving a new sense of contextto otherwise commonplace or discarded items. The items I choose evoke anostalgia and a sense of memory. My process is creating inventive but simplejoinery between materials, mostly wood, metal and fiber.

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Michael Stasiuk is a multimedia sculptor who lives and maintains a studio inPortsmouth, NH. His found object sculptures are represented in private andcorporate collections including Wellington Management and New England Biolab.He is included in the Schiffer Found Object Art 1 and 2 books. Michael workswith a child-like sensibility which has been fueled by many years of teachingand collaborating with children and adults. He has been a theatrical propmaster for the Mudd Butt Mystery Theatre Troupe in Telluride, Colorado for 26years. The last 18 have included residencies collaborating with childrenand adults around the world bringing characters of all sizes to life in avariety of materials.

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For more information about available artwork and workshops, e-mail: m.stasiuk@comcast.net

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