Cow on a tractor in Telluride.

Valley cows, cast off a constructed form in paper mache.

Arabian Nights A Not to Scheherazade

Arabian Nights A Nod to Scheherazade

The mayor and his wife, directly constructed in cardboard.

Princess Diana's tea set, cast forms in paper mache.

Mud Heads, cast off of same forms that were used to make Diana's tea cups.

Elvis's guitar, built in cardboard with paper mache.

The two Andys (One of which really is Dr Andrew Weil.)

Hounds of Hell, cast off a single form with alterations to the form in-between casting. 

Anasazi and Elmer's. Big is fun.

Mambo Italiano. A savings of time when an apple can be cast off of a pepper form. 

Fly swatters and spiders. A new use for hardware cloth (oversized screen in the swatters.)

Martha's Mess. Fun with current events. We LOVE her glitter. 

Persephone skeleton, oversized puppet with rod supported hands.

More Hounds of Hell from Persephone. Zip ties make nice whiskers. 

Casting mache horse heads. Details such as ears added individually after casting. 

Barbara Bush and the astronauts.

Shrimp cocktail. Casting in multiples.

The Ramayana. 7 actors looking like the 10 heads of Raravana, 6 masks with 4 puppets.

Ramayana white ants. More casting in multiples.

Dancing white ants.

Creatures and Inventions, words as art.


Tatterhood, anything can come to life.

Fear of monsters.

Obama and McCain, cast heads and constructed hands.

Scary clowns, big toys with moving parts

Fears of Your Life. 


Ferocious fish.

Arabian Nights. Martha Stewart glitter turns carboard to silk!

Arabian Nights

Alladin's daughters

Alladin's camels

Prairie dog picnic.

Prairie dogs in the workshop 


Poodles and prairie dogs

A Day When Nothing was Supposed to Happen

Props for Fatima in progress

Fatima the Spinner

Fatima the Spinner

Don Quixote

Donkeys of la Mancha

Don Quixote and Sancho




The Odyssey

The Odyssey

The Odyssey

A lot of masking tape

A Science Theme

Gallileo and friends

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